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Great job and made it very easy on me. Byron Adkins knew when to joke and when to be serious. Very helpful with military arrangements! 
~ Frank   E. - 3/28/2017
I am very satisfied with the quality of service I see nothing that needs to be improved. Byron very helpful and friendly was very concerned about family.
~ Holly   F. - 3/22/2017
I will definitely recommend your funeral home to everyone- the people are so nice and very helpful and they do not rush you to make the difficult decisions. Bryon- he is wonderful, knowledgeable and just a wonderful mad. Our family loves him. 
~ Patty   S. - 3/22/2017
Top of the line. We have used other funeral homes before but they could never compare to yours. We will use this location from now on. Thank you for such a beautiful celebration of mom. Andrea truly cares and makes you feel so comfortable. She did an amazing job on mom. She is the best!
~ Debi   S. - 3/22/2017
Your funeral home was frisk and clean no closed rooms and stuffy curtains. my children were surprised at how nice the place was. Everyone was very helpful and thoughtful!
~ Jane   Y. - 3/21/2017
John Fisch was very helpful. Made it as easy as possible. 
~ Kim   G. - 3/21/2017
Excellent service. We as a family always used Vorhis- I am so happy I convinced John prior to his death that I was satisfied with your chapel and I felt like you could do a good job and take care of him and with Kenny working there he felt better knowing he would be close. All was excellent- thank you again. Belinda VandeRyt was the initial person I spoke with and planned his funeral and did an awesome job making sure not to forget any important items. Bryon Adkins- was very kind in managing the rest of my funeral. Dave Rees made sure every detail was perfect. 
~ Teresa   H. - 2/24/2017
We lost our baby girl back in 2013. Andrea did such a great job making sure we understood everything and the level of compassion was out of this world. I will NEVER forget her or the pastor, James Love. My world will never be the same but their love and compassion made it a little easier. Thank you to all of you!
~ Tiffany   F. - 2/8/2017

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