What to Do When a Death Occurs
If you have never made funeral arrangements before, even thinking about the process can be emotional and intimidating. You may be worried about how much it is all going to cost, or not know how you are possibly going to get through it.

Our staff is here for you. They are experienced professionals; experts in helping grieving families navigate through this difficult time. We will handle all the details; allowing you to spend time with family and friends.

Here's what to do when a death occurs.
Notify the Authorities
  • If your loved one passes away at a facility such as a nursing home, hospice or hospital, the staff of the facility will contact you and also notify the appropriate authorities.

  • If the death occurs at home, you will need to call your loved one’s physician or emergency services so medical personnel can identify the cause of death on legal documentation.

  • If no one is present at the time of death, you will need to contact the police to attend the scene before any other steps are taken.

Call Our Funeral Home

After the authorities are notified, call our funeral home. We are always available, 24 hours a day.

When you call us, we will ask for some basic information and then come take your loved one into our care.

Then, typically within a day or two, you and your family members will come to the funeral home to make arrangements. It will be helpful for you to bring several things with you to the conference. Please see our list of what to bring with you to the funeral home.

Meet with Your Funeral Director

At your appointment, we will gather biographical information and learn about your loved one through your stories and anecdotes. Then, we will help you craft the services and gatherings that honor their memory and celebrate their life.

You will be able to select the types of services and merchandise like a casket or an urn, that fit your needs and your budget.

We will also help you write an obituary to place on our website and in a newspaper, if you desire, sharing the news of their passing with the community.

After the conference, we will coordinate with your church or other service venue, cemetery or crematory and the appropriate government agencies to make all of the arrangements. During this time, we will also care for your loved one and prepare them for the services you selected. Then, on the day of the visitation or service we will be there to support you and handle all the details.

If a death has just occurred, or you would like to learn more about our services, please give us a call.